Sif Orellana will conduct this workshop, of course, with AJ style team support in leading the workshop experience. Sif is a publisher, photographer, award-winning cookbook author, and co-founder of Denmark-based boutique take-away cafe, Greenilicious.  She is a new addition to the AJ style team this year, and she will be teaching healthy recipes. All attendees will take part in cooking classes along with recipe writing and photo styling lessons. This workshop will focus on local food product and healthy cooking. It’s the perfect fit for food bloggers, people with food allergies, and bloggers wanting to amp up their content and produce pretty photographs as well. You will be using your camera, so bring it along. This workshop is for all levels. Sif is an experienced photographer, so she will be available to answer all technical questions you might have about photography and your camera.

There will be excursions to the farmers markets, along with a free day, which includes the choice of excursions. All lessons will be conducted on the grounds and in the gorgeous photo studio situated in the stone barn the cooking course will be in the main house kitchen.


Fee includes breakfast, all lunches (excluding free day), some dinners, all instruction, and excursions. Hotel included. Airfare is not included.