This workshop has been requested by many of you. Annette will be offering 2 one-on-one sessions in summer of 2019. Both workshops will be 3 days of intensive styling lessons with Annette. She will be teaching the basics of styling and composition for those of you interested in pursuing a career as a stylist or those of you interested in bettering your brand imagery.

These one on one lessons can be customized for you and can cover lifestyle, interiors, still life, and food styling, or you can choose an area of concentration.

For 3 days, you will discuss the business aspect of styling with tips on billing, fees, production and work flow. There will be a lesson on “how to produce a photo shoot” from start to finish along with valuable lessons applicable to your everyday styling/production business. Plus, you'll have experience with hands-on styling all while capturing your images. This is strictly styling, so styling, propping and production will be the focus of this workshop. 

There will be excursions to markets and local antiques markets where you will prop shop with Annette. All lessons will be conducted on the grounds and in the gorgeous photo studio situated in the stone barn. You will stay on the compound in a private room. All excursions will be covered, and fees include day trips and all meals.

This one on one experience will leave you with valuable lessons and insight into a career in styling as well as the skills to feel confident on a photoshoot. Whether you’re a professional blogger,  a stylist looking for new inspiration, a food-stylist ready to hone your skills, a chef seeking to move into styling, a prop stylist looking to improve work flow, or are someone simply interested in the business of styling, this workshop is for you. Tour Italy with Annette and make the best business decision of your life.

$3,300 (nonrefundable initial deposit: $1,650 + remaining deposit due one month prior)

Your stay at La Fortezza will include:

This One on One Workshop includes:

  • 3 nights*

  • 3 dinners

  • 3 lunches

  • 3 breakfasts

  • 1 hands-on Italian cooking class

  • Prop shopping tour with Annette

  • Day trip to Florence or Parma

  • All transportation during tours

  • All admission to sites during the tours

  • One-on-one styling instruction from Annette

  • Instagram lesson

  • Lessons on the “business of styling”

  • 1 painting lesson with our Artist in Residence

Note: Airfare is not included. Students fly into nearest airport which is Pisa, Italy. There are no airport pick-ups. You are responsible for transportation to and from the workshop to La Fortezza as well as to and from town for meals. We strongly recommend that you plan to hire a car service or rent a car. There are no taxis.

All attendees traveling from the United States are required to purchase short term international travel health insurance. Proof of travel insurance will be required to attend any workshop.

Please be aware: Due to the nature of our property, we are not ADA compliant, and we cannot accept guests requiring accessibility.

Here’s a good site to compare pricing and benefits: