Lead by Steve McKenzie, a nationally known abstract painter, this workshop will teach you techniques to intuitively paint abstraction, discover your inner creative voice and transfer that energy to the canvas. 

This creative retreat includes a multitude of excursions to local museums to study art and discuss how classic renaissance art can inform your abstractions. Steve will be teaching in the visual splendor of The Fortress's expansive studio located on the grounds in an old stone barn, and the surrounding Tuscan landscape. Steve will guide your painting experience to reflect the juxtaposition of the beauty you observe with an abstract interpretation. In addition, the class will discuss the principles of painting and how to use them in your work. Time will also be spent merging your artwork and your social media. You will expand your artistic horizons in one of the most inspiring places in the world, Italy.

This workshop is perfect for aspiring artists as well as experienced artists wanting to find a breakthrough in their work.  Are you a creative (maker, designer, author, graphic designer, etc.) looking for new inspiration and artistic purpose? Then this workshop is made for you; find a new way to look at your work through abstract expressionism.  Steve is an amazing instructor you won't want to miss this creative experience, it will change your point of view, recharge your creative batteries, and alter your own artistic expression forever. This workshop is limited to 6 students; most rooms are shared rooms.

$3,400 shared rooms (nonrefundable initial deposit: $1,700 + remaining deposit due one month prior)

Fee includes breakfast, all lunches (excluding free day), some dinners, all instruction, and excursions. accommodations included some art supplies will be provided all canvases paper will be provided. Leave some room in your suitcase as you will be bringing your artwork home with you.

Note: Airfare is not included. Students fly into nearest airport which is Pisa, Italy you are responsible for transportation to and from the workshop to La Fortezza.

All attendees traveling from the United States are required to purchase short term international travel health insurance. Proof of travel insurance will be required to attend any workshop.

Here’s a good site to compare pricing and benefits: www.allaboardbenefits.com/policy_individual.htm